Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hit by the FLU!

Last weekend, was probably the worst weekend our family has ever had since...Mason was in the IICU at Childrens after he was born. I am not exaggerating when I say this. I had the stomach flu for the first time in I think 9 years. If I'd had it after Mason was born, I can't remember it.
Mason had the stomach flu the night of Lee's birthday. He ate dinner, and then 1 hour later, puked. He then proceeded to puke almost every hour on the hour until around 3:30am Thursday. I wasn't too concerned because after he would puke, he wanted to drink water and/or Sprite. He slept most of Thursday, and only puked 2 times. He felt better on Friday, but I kept him home from school, and then he started to crash or fall asleep, late afternoon/evening. Lee came home, we ran some errands, got some Taco Bell for dinner.....then around 8:00pm I puked. If there is anything on this earth that I hate's puking. This thing came really fast. Then around 10:00pm (I think), Mac started puking! I told him "Mac, you have to make it to the toilet to puke, because if you miss it or if you don't make it, I can't take care of you, I can't clean it up. You are on your own." Not a nice thing to tell her teenage son, but I was busy taking care of myself at this point. And if anyone knows anything about Lee, he's not a "caregiver". He's not one to play nurse to us when one is sick. He does alot of things, and does them well-but caring for the sick, nnnoooo! He was ready to check into the closest hotel after Mac was puking. Mac and I both felt bad on Saturday, slept most of the day. On Sunday we both woke up like nothing happened. We stayed home from Church so not to "spread the wealth" so to speak. And Lee waited around to see if he was going to get sick, because he felt it was inevitable....but he didn't get sick. Whew! I never would have heard the end of it from him. Oh, but Lee did order Pizza Hut on Saturday night...Mac and I did NOT partake of the pizza fest he and Mason were having.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Someone turns 41 today. I thought I would share some things about Lee, mostly from this last year....
1. He's an awesome Husband./He works really, really hard. (It's a tie)
2. He's a great Dad. When he walks into the house, you would think he was a Rockstar because of the way the boys greet him when he comes home.
3. He thinks he's still in his 20's when he rides his Motorcycle.
4. He cracked his rib last spring riding his Motorcycle with his brothers (thinking he was 20 something).
5. He likes Christmas lights and is sad when they come down every year the day after this birthday.
6. He doesn't like to make a fuss on this birthday. He doesn't want any cake, any presents, etc. But I do it anyways.

7. If he shave off his beard tomorrow, he would look 25.
8. He's a great Dad.
9. He loves to tease his siblings like when they were kids.
10. He likes to quote things from Movies.
11. His favorite T.V. shows are NCIS, CSI:Miami, The Unit (it was cancelled), Heroes, Eureka, The Mentalist, and many, many more...
12. He wears kilts (Utilikilts) but can't at work because it's not OSHA approved.
13. He's become a little annoying since he has been OSHA approved and takes safety classes for work.
14. He calls himself "The Dad".
15. He has a "Silver Palate" when it comes to food. I'm not sure if this is my fault or his Mom's.
16. He thinks after almost 19 years of marriage I should be able to read his mind.
17. He hates it when it rains, and starts mentioning "wanting to move to Arizona or California" almost every January thru March. Then the sun starts to come out in April and then he forgets about it until the next January.
18. He loves James Bond movies.
19. He likes things done right the first time.
20. He's a great Dad and Husband. (I know I mentioned his before.)

That's 20 things. I could list 41 but I've still got stuff to do today.

Happy 41st Birthday Lee!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! 2010

We hope everyone has a safe, healthy, happy and successful 2010! We spent New Years Eve at home for the most part. I picked up Lee's younger brother Calvin from Downtown Seattle. He flew into Sea-Tac from Florida around 9:00pm. Lee and I talked him into taking the new Seattle Light Rail that will take you from the Airport to Downtown Seattle. It only cost $2.50! I had never been to Downtown Seattle on New Years Eve and let me tell was interesting to say the least. I almost got hit by a car going the wrong way on a one way street, almost hit a couple drunk people (it was 10:30pm), they were jaywalking. Saw girls all dressed up and....standing in line, in the rain, waiting to get into the Club-any Club. I was able to pick up Calvin from the sidewalk and off we went..home. Watched movies, ate food and went to be around 2:00am. I'm glad we stay at home for New Years.