Monday, May 19, 2008

Camera Cords To Be Released!

So, Friday I found out that my sister-in-law also has a blog. She posts pictures of her darling little girls, and writes little things of the goings on of her family's life. My husband hasn't warmed up to the idea of BLOGS. He has kinda bad talked them (only because he really hasn't read any). We were having his "Big Bronco Truck" washed by a bunch of teenagers from some church. We were outside, in the nice hot weather when I piped up and told him that his sister has a blog. "Oh my gosh!" he yelled. "Now I suppose YOU are going to start a BLOG now, huh?". Well, I already have-in December. But I've only been writing on it in the last month. And, I've left you anonymous-I just call you husband. I told him some of our friends have alias's and some use thier real names, or just thier initials. And I told him he was just "husband". He told me to just use our real names.
We get home, and later on that evening he was on the computer, and I showed Lee, his sister's blog. He got a kick out of seeing our nieces, who we don't get to see hardly ever (because they live in Florida). He read her posts, and decided to "leave a comment". He thought that was pretty cool. "So where's our's?" I clicked ours on. "Where's the pictures? Why is it so boring? What the heck?" I reminded him that I needed the CAMERA CORDS to download pictures onto the computer. "Well, dig them out." So, he will be digging them out from his mystery tote of electrical cords-all of them belonging to something. He's been holding my camera cords hostage, and now, they are being released-and sometime this week, our blog will no longer look like this.
For someone who was so down on "Blogs"-he embraced the idea from 0-30 seconds.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What I Should Be Doing Right Now

Happy Belated Mother's Day to all my mommy friends. I'm not going to write anything about Mother's Day, because it was uneventful. I got 2 lovely cards from my 2 boys and my husband. And that's it. They love me, and are grateful that I'm here to do their laundry, make dinner, bake cookies, change lightbulbs, clean our house, help with homework, drag them to Costco, Target, and wherever else I need to go, and take them places like the Pacific Science Center.
There are so many things that I need to be doing now, besides, sitting at my computer. It's been a busy day. Took Mason in to have his pictures taken-professionally. The last time I took him in, he was 8-9 months old and was still had to have oxygen. He was a happy little guy, dispite all his health problems. The girl taking the pictures was a little nervous about taking his picture (what do we do with the oxygen tank, etc). I told her I was going to take the little tube out of his nose, she was going to take a few snapshots and then I would put it back in. It worked out great, he was fine doing that (he could tolerate being without his oxygen 2-3 minutes at a time before his oxygen saturations would go down), and we had cute pictures taken. Today, 6 years later-he was a total ham. He did EVERYTHING the photo girl told him to do, he smiled, showed his teeth, counted everything he saw, and asked alot of questions.
So, dishes need to be done, dinner needs to be started, floors need to be swept (and vaccumed), a Scout shirt needs to be ironed. And what am I doing? Sitting at the computer, only to check my e-mails-one thing leads to the next, and I felt the need to write something about nothing on my blog. Because it feels neglected.

Monday, May 5, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Well, here I am, again. When I started this blog, we were in the middle of packing, moving, birthdays and Christmas. What was I thinking? Since my one and only post, I have been busy unpacking, painting, playing nurse (to my sick family), and my most favorite thing to do, clean. I have been stalking my friend's blogs for the last year, so it's time I joined in the blogging world. While stalking one of my good friends, Becky at The Cornwalls, I found out she "Tagged" me. This was an effort on her part to "get off my butt" and start blogging. I just hope husband will release my digital camera cords to me (I had to clean and organize my office, which I did). I think he's misplaced them. He is my 2nd post.

10 Years Ago......
I was living in Ferndale, WA (1 mile away from my in-laws). Mac was 2. I had just celebrated my 7th wedding anniversary. I was a Department Manager of the Shoe Department of Nordstrom Rack in Bellingham, WA. Husband had just started his own business partnered with his Dad. We were talking about me cashing out my profit sharing (retirement) to pay off ALL of our debt, quitting Nordstrom, and being a full time stay at home mom to Mac. I was approaching my 10 year High School Class Reunion. I remember it being a stressful time.

Things on my Monday to-do list:
-Clean the bathrooms.
-Mop the floors.
-Plan dinner menu's for next 2 weeks.
-Do 2 loads of laundry.
-(The sun came out and we ended up going to the park :-)

What would I do if I suddenly had a billion dollars:
-Pay of our mortgage.
-Buy a new car (Toyota Land Cruiser)
-Pay off our Debts and my families debts as well.
-Make husband quit his job (so he can build us our dream house).
-Put the rest in the bank.

3 of my bad habits:
-Eat too much.
-I spend to much time on the computer (this blog adding to my bad habit).

Places I've lived:
-Ellensburg, WA (I was born there)
-Yakima, WA (I was raised there)
-Seattle, WA
-Ferndale, WA
-Salt Lake City, UT
-Clinton, WA (South Whidbey Island)
-Lake Stevens/Everett, WA (I will probably die here)

Jobs I've had:
-Orange Julius
-Squire Shop (a men's store that has now closed)
-Mom of 2 boys
-Football Team Mom

5 Things (most) people don't know about me:
-I repelled off the balcony inside of my High School into the Library, during class time, with 2 guy friends, and didn't get caught. (I felt very James Bond).
-I'm very affraid of heights. (so doing the above was a big deal)
-I went to college for 1 quarter.
-I have dyslexia (hence not wanting to go to college).
-When I was a teenager, my bedroom was so messy, you couldn't see the floor.

First boy I intentionally kissed:
I kissed alot of boys, but I don't remember being the one instigating it. It was mutual.
First boy I ever kissed was in Kindergarten, and I don't remember his name.

5 sites I visit often: (home page)
-my bank's website
-friends blogs

Okay. I am new to this. And for once, I am NOT going to tag anyone, being that I haven't e-mailed anyone with this blog site yet. This is enough, and I'm almost tramatized.