Monday, June 30, 2008

Nectarine Jam

7 years ago, a friend of mine made Nectarine Jam. She told me it was her new favorite jam, and her other favorite was Peach. I love Peaches, but after I made this jam-this has become my favorite, and will make a ton of it this summer, which is pretty much now. I got this recipe on the internet (my friend was on vacation at the time I needed it). It's super simple, and super yummy! The recipe is from a lady in Texas, so my friend Becky will appreciate that.

Nectarine Jam

6 Cups of Nectarines
3 Cups of Sugar
1/2 Cup of Lemon Juice

Slice up 6 cups of Nectarines, add sugar and lemon juice. Cook it for 1 hour on a mild boil. Skim foam, and put into jars. Process the jam in a Water Bath canner for 5 minutes.

*Hope's Notes: I peeled the Nectarines the first batch I made (put them in boiling water for 30 seconds or until the peel comes off, then dipped them in cold water). The second batch, I was getting tired, so I didn't peel the Nectarines, and the jam turned out to be darker-and it tasted different, not bad different. I preferred the peeled Nectarines. The recipe didn't specify peeled or unpeeled. The texture and consistency was absolutely perfect!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

New Look! Next....Pictures and summer stuff.

I found this website that has some really cute backgrounds-Leelou Blogs. I have tried and failed to apply new backgrounds in the past. Mostly, because I'm attempting all of this at night. You know, that time of evening when your brain turns to mush and you can barely read. Or at least, that's what happens to me. Pictures, Lee has emptied every memory card we own (I think it was 3-4 at last count) and he put them on what I call Laptop Computer #3. It's an old laptop that we have, that has no internet on it, on purpose. So, my mission, if I choose to accept it, is to go through those pics and somehow, get them on my computer to get them onto here. I know it will envolve a disc or 2. Or, I could just take some new pics of the boys and post them here, but that would be too easy. But, I have taken the camera/cam corder hostage. It is charged and ready to go, with an empty memory card in it. We have also been busy doing summer stuff. Mac got out of school a few weeks ago. I have signed both of them up for Swimming Lessons nearby. We also have some trips planned, Mac has his first Scout Camp in July somewhere in Idaho, we have family coming to visit, and we might go camping at the beach again. 2 years ago, I took the boys camping at Westport, by myself. For those of you who know me well, I don't like camping, I loathe it. The trip went fairly well. The weather was great, we had a great time playing in the surf and sand. Mason wanted his Dad when we had any downtime and he would sound like that kid on the Incredibles "where's Dad! I want Dad!". It was emotionally draining. Anyways, the weather this last week has been amazing! The sun is out, my yard is drying out, and my allergies are in high gear. Claritin has become my new best friend. I also have some canning planned. Since we moved into our new house, I have a place for food storage. All of my canning (peaches, nectarines, jams, pickles), have been in boxes, where I have taken inventory of what I have do and don't have. This year, the jars are on shelves, and it's a beautiful sight! Since Christmas, we have been rationing the pickles, so that is on the top of the list. I have some trips to Yakima planned, where I go to get fruit, pickling cucumbers, beans, and whatever else. I have an awesome recipe for Nectarine Jam that I will post later.
I am also going to try to blog more regularly. It's going to be a busy summer.