Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nothing Much Going On

A post...with no pictures. I have felt that I should post something, but not sure what. Football is over with for Mac, so I feel like we have gotten our lives back a bit. Catching up on alot of yard work...before it started raining so badly. Needing to get my hair done badly! That is on the list. Gearing up for the holidays, starting with Thanksgiving. Taking Mac shopping the day after Thanksgiving again, to buy jeans for waaaayyy cheap. We did this last year, and he was like a Zombie. "Hey Mac try this on. What do you think about this or that?" He had no opinons, so all was well. He was just a little was 5:00am after all.
Things will pick up sooner or later, and then I'll be blogging up a storm, gearing up for the holidays.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy 14th Birthday Mac!

I honestly can't believe my Mackie is 14! I'm not going to carry on about when you were born, and how your Dad chose to drive only 50 mph in a 60 mph zone, on the way to the hospital. You are a special young man and we are so proud of you and the person you are becomming.

You wanted a Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese frosting...made from scratch or from my loving hands. Ha! Ha!
Uncle Calvin suprised you and came over that night. We had tacos, and some fancy mexican fries. Mason put the candles on the cake.

Happy Birthday McCager!!

Halloween 2009

It was a busy and little sad Halloween. With Mac still in Football, Mason being pretty sick with a bad cold, and then the rains comming a little early than usual (or maybe not). We weren't able to get to the Pumpkin Patch. Mason was more disstressed about us NOT having pumpkins on the front porch more than he was not knowing what he wanted to be for Halloween. Mason just wasn't into it. He could have cared less.

Mac and Mason carving the store bought pumpkins. Mason really got into this, usually he sits back and watches because the pumpkin guts really grosses him out.
Mason wanted to scoop out all of the guts himself...of course this was a painful process for me to watch, so I helped to get the ball rolling.

On Friday day...Mason decided he wanted to be something, so I mentioned a Scarecrow and he said yes. So I got the stuff together for his costume. He didn't want to go out, but because of his cough, he knew he wasn't going out. When this happens, he stays in....and I go to Target to buy him his favorite candies. This was the second or third Halloween he missed out on because of being sick.

Mac was a G.I. Joe guy. He always has his costume mapped out and knows what he wants to be by the end of September. He did go Trick or Treating, and being that he will be in High School next year, this was his last year. He actually wasn't sure if he wanted to go out or not until the last minute. Next year, hopefully, no one will be sick.

Last Game

Mac's last game was Halloween Day. It had been a long week of Mason being sick, final practices, etc. They didn't win very many games, but Mac really enjoys getting out there playing.
Mac was the oldest kid on his team this year, and he also got alot of play time. The coaches would change his positions on game day, depending on which kids showed up for the games. His Coach said Mac "adapted well to playing alot of different positions when needed".

This is Mac with one of his coaches.....Coach "Mac". He had a really long, polish last name that no one could pronounce. Coach Mac was supportive of him going to Boy Scouts on Wednesdays, taught him how to tackle and "hit", and was a great coach. Mac has decided to play for the Freshman Team next year for Cavelero/Lake Stevens High School next year.