Thursday, May 13, 2010

Goings On...

It's the middle of May, and I haven't really posted anything. We have been busy! Here are a few highlights of the month so far.

~Mac is almost as tall as me. He has about an inch and a half to go. No pics, because he doesn't want me too. Because he's a teenager.

~Mac "googled" himself....and found this blog.

~Lee has decided to take Mason on his 2 week trip in June. Tears have been shed (on my part) and a long talk with my sister followed....with more tears. She was sticking up and defending Lee, this was a first for her. I think the universe shifted a bit when she was talking because she kept saying "I can't believe I'm saying this" and then she said something in Lee's defense.

~I was not happy about Lee taking Mason on said trip because of his long, complicated, medical history. He still has to take medications, slather himself up with sunscreen, make sure he eats, and drinks enough, and other things that I won't post here. I have never been without Mason for longer than 3 days/nights. I have come to terms with all of this.

~I came to the realization that I'm a control freak with things that pertain to Mason. I don't want to be a control freak.

~I have been making a long list of things for me to do around the house while Lee and the boys are gone for 2 weeks. There will be lots of painting involved. Lee is a little nervous about my projects, as he should be.

~Mason has an appointment with his new Pediatrician tomorrow. He has had the same Pediatrician his whole life, on S. Whidbey. We will see how it goes. It's a woman, so this may not go over well with Mason.

~Lee has a tent thing that mounts on top of his vehicle. They are popular in Africa on Safari's and the Outback in Australia. Pictures will follow someday.

~I had a lovely Mother's Day weekend. I spent the Saturday before with Patty and Lee's sister Rebecca up north. Then Sunday was Church and a long Sunday drive around Bellevue. He showed me the "Beverly Hills" of Washington.

~I'm looking forward to SUMMER!

That is about it. A post without pictures, it's unusual for me.