Thursday, April 29, 2010

Been a While

Yes, it's been a while. We went from not much going on too, and explosion of activities. Spring is here, which means Mac is getting busier with Scouts, School, and teenage life. Mason has been busy being Mason. Our Ward was split about a month ago, and I volunteered to continue doing Webelos until the "dust settled" a bit-so I've been busier than usual. I've also been going to Mason's School every single morning to help him sit and do his school work in the mornings. It was brought to my attention after his conference that something needed to be done about Mason not sitting, not doing his morning work, and being uncooperative. So I suggested that I come in to help out. The first few days were rough (on him). But yesterday, his teacher and I saw success. He sat down did his work, and went to his different learning stations, without being told! Lee is more involved in the Scouting program and in the Unit Committee Chair for our Troop, or Mac's Troop.
With the weather getting better, and school coming to a close (in June) things have been a little crazy, but in a good way. We continue to feel blessed and are grateful.


In our Church (LDS/Mormon), when you turn 8, you get baptized. Mason turned 8 in December, but we wait a few months when the weather is better so family members from near and far. Mason was baptized by his Dad (Lee) on March 27th, 2010. This was a special day for our family.
I didn't get the traditional picture of Lee and Mason, because Lee was not being cooperative. But I think Patty (Lee's Mom) was able too. I need to ask her. So I took this one of Mason in his white outfit.
Lee and Mason afterwards at our house. Mason is getting tall. Lee in his kilt.

The Bryant Men. (ssshhh, don't tell Pa Bryant he's on the blog, being exposed to the internet!) From left to right: Calvin, Lee, Mac, and Pa. Mason is in the front. As you can see, Mac is getting taller. He is almost as tall as me (1 more inch!). This is the only recent pic I have of Mac, because he is also an unwilling, uncooperative, picture taking participant.

Pinewood Derby Car Part 2

So, Yes....this happened last month and almost 2 months ago. But here it is. Mason's Pinewood Derby Car. After watching Mac for years with his Pinewood Derby Car, and then 3-4 year hiatus from Pinewood Derby's (because we didn't have a Cub Scout for 4 years) Mason FINALLY got to make HIS car with Dad. After years of waiting what did he want to do? Well, we weren't certain. At first he wanted flames on the sides. But when it was all said and done, he wanted to make it a "Pickle Car". Don't ask me what possesed this decision. He is the pickiest eater in the world, and absolutely HATES pickles. I don't even want to know what is inside his head. But after 3 coats of green paint (that Mason picked out himself)-and me not knowing how to make this lovely green car into a pickle. Here is what we came up with.

The Gray things on the top is his "weights" or aka: ammo. You got to work with what you got.

He had this smile on his face all night long. He was so excited, he was jumping up and down all night, and when he raced his car, I thought he was going to puke. He didn't win, honestly, there was alot of technical stuff going on with computers, gadgets, and etc. It kind of sucked the fun out of it for the boys. All they wanted to do was race their cars. Mason didn't care, he was thrilled about being able to do it.