Monday, March 15, 2010

The Making of a Pinewood Derby Car-Part 1

After watching his brother and Dad make Pinewood Derby Cars since he was really little......

The time has finally come to where Mason FINALLY, gets to make his OWN Pinewood Derby Car.

He's just a little excited. Just a little. He just got done sanding it-all by himself. He's actually in the garage as we speak, waiting to prime it before they paint it.

This is him telling me he has no idea what color him and his dad are going to paint his car. They might be making a trip down to Ace Hardware tomorrow to pick out a color.
More to come.....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Not Much Going On...Again

I guess the time between Christmas and Spring is a slow time for us. We have been busy with the day to day, but there haven't been many pictures to be taken-or a need to take many pictures.
Mac has been Wrestling and he's really enjoyed it. He's made a few new friends, and over all, he's doing well. He has lost 4 pounds (not on purpose)-and seems pleased when he's lost weight. He had his IEP (Individual Education Plan) re-evaluated this year. 2 of his Teachers and the School Psycologist (the person who evaluates him) expressed to me what a good kid Mac is. They have been empressed with his school work, his work ethic, and how he tries really hard on his school work. He is well liked amongst his peers, and is a good example to others. While I was in the meeting, it was after school. One of the Science teachers were offering homemade cookies to us. He told us that they made the cookies for a experiment, but because the kids were misbehaving (badly) he decided NOT to let the kids in his class eat the cookies, so he was giving them away. After he left, the School Psycologist said "See! This is the stuff we have to deal with day in and day out. We have alot of kids around here who misbehave, but Mac is NOT one of those kids". As a parent, you always aren't sure how you are doing. So as long as Mac isn't being kicked out of school or worse, I guess we are doing alright.
Mason has a conference pretty soon....I bet you $1,000 dollars they are going to mention something about him not sitting in his seat. I'm at his school once a week volunteering, so I KNOW what goes on with him. I am grateful Mason doesn't have the learning issues Mac has. Mason has seemed to inherit Lee's smarts, I guess. Lee has always had a photographic memory, if he sees it once, he knows it. So with Mason...he doesn't like to "practice" reading, or practicing his sight words-because "I know it already!" With Mac, we had to practice and go over things over, and over again. Mason LOVES Math, and loves to count in 2's and 10's. I'm going to enroll him in swimming lessons this spring and summer. He has no interest in anything else. Mason is also getting ready for his baptizim at the end of the month. He is getting really excited about it-and so are we.