Friday, August 28, 2009

Two Front Teeth

There really are no words for this toothless & red headed little boy. He thinks he looks like a Jack-O-Lantern.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Good Bye Wes!

Lee's youngest brother (and the youngest of his siblings) Wesley, moved to Wyoming for a job a few weeks ago. He stopped by before he left to say good bye to Lee and the boys.

We don't believe in choosing favorites...but Mason seemed to cling onto Uncle Wes more than Uncle Calvin. Wes (and Calvin too) would come over here and there, help Lee with some of his side work, work on the Motorcycles, or just hang out over here. The boys got to know Calvin and Wes more when they were helping build the Spec House together. They would come over most Friday and Saturday nights to play X-Box or watch Movies with us. When the power would go out in the Winter, they would come and stay with us.

We were a little sad to see Wesley go, but he is done with his Diesel Mechanic schooling and now he's off to live his life-working his tail off from what I hear.

I'm grateful that Wesley has been a good Uncle and a great example to the boys. We sure do miss him!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Scout Camp

The first week of August, Mac went to Scout Camp. Last year, he went to Camp Grizzly in Idaho. This year, he went to Black Mountain....where Lee used to go when he was a Boy Scout (100 years a galaxy far, far away). Preparing Mac for Scout Camp is a challenge. I am forever and eternally GRATEFUL that his Scout Master makes a list of everything he needs for Camp. Last year, the list was longer and we had to buy alot of stuff. This year, not so much-but he still had alot of stuff.

Part of preparing Mac this year was his Swimming. He hasn't been the strongest swimmer. He had been to Swimming Lessons off and on in his life. He hasn't been exposed to swimming like I had been when I was growing up. In Yakima, when it's in the late 80's to low 100's for most of the summer, we went swimming-it's just the way it was and still is. So, I had to take Mac to the High School to teach him some swimming strokes, diving, and just to stay afloat in the deep end. I didn't go into the pool-I managed to teach him from the side of the pool, and it worked. Mac passed his BSA Swimming test and earned his Swimming Merit Badge. The first thing he told me when I picked him up was "Mom! I passed my Swimming Stuff and earned my Swimming Merit Badge!" I was so HAPPY!!
He also earned 3 other Merit Badges at Camp. And managed to have a little fun Mountain Biking and doing a few other activities. He had a blast there...and it wasn't so hot like it was last year in Idaho.
I'm so proud of him and I'm so happy he loves Scouts. Now, we need to work on his packing...he feels the need to bring the "kitchen sink" with him when he goes. P.S. Mason missed him every stinking day he was gone. Asked me when he was coming back, all 7 days.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Summer Vacation 2009

We have been busy going places and doing things this summer. We have to get our vacationing done before the first of August because of Mac's Football schedule-which has started already. We went to Ensign Ranch in Cle Elum. It's a Ranch owned by our Church, and it has a lot of stuff to do there. Patty (Granny Bryant) booked a cabin there and off we all went. On our way there, we stopped at a fruit stand in Leavenworth.

One of the few decent pictures I get of the boys.

Lee's sister Rochel and her daughter Blaise came with us. We hadn't seen Rochel in 5 years, so it was good to spend some time with her.

One of the things to do at the Ranch is to go water sliding. It's a huge slide they built there and it's a big hit with the kids (and some of the adults), especially when it's so hot outside.

Mason, Blaise and Mac's back....waiting to go horseback riding.

Mason was thrilled he got to go ride on the horse. I had to "lead" the horse for him. We got to "ride" the horse in a big field, and not just in a corral like I thought. Somehow Mason got bored 15 minutes into it. It's a good thing it only lasted 20 minutes.

Mac rode this big Draft Horse. I didn't get a pic with Mac on it. He had a great time trail riding and said it was a really nice horse.
There was a creek that ran behind the Cabin we were staying in. Mason discovered this in no time at all. He loves water, but when the water is too cold...not so much. But it was so hot outside, he could have cared less. He had fun moving rocks, and playing in the water. All the kids did.
He also could have cared less if we was wearing his clothes. We also went to Roslyn, which was cool. I didn't get any pics of Roslyn. I'd like to go back next summer, with our bikes.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Swimming Lessons

This is Mason's second year of swimming lessons. Because of the lack of digital camera, I didn't get any pictures of him last year....this year I did. He's wearing a life vest because his teacher took all of the kids into the really deep end of the pool. He can float really well in it.
This year and last year, Mason was always the first one to jump (or want to jump) into the pool. He has no fear where the water is concerned. Which, concerns me a bit-or not.

He loves to wear his goggles. And he usually wears his swimming shirt (because he likes to hide his scars). I got him the shirt to prevent really bad sunburns on his back and shoulders. His swimming lessons were are an indoor pool at the high school here-so he didn't need the shirt, but wanted it on anyways. Towards the last 3 lessons, he didn't want his shirt on, and could care less about his scars-which makes me happy.