Friday, June 18, 2010

The Big 4-0

On June 11th, I turned 40. I remember when I said it out loud a few weeks before my birthday, and I repeated myself 2-3 times. When saying it outloud, it sounds terrible at first, but then I kind of got over myself.
On my birthday, I cleaned the boys' bathroom & did some laundry. My siblings terrorized my on facebook. My Dad came over for a bit and visited. I was waiting for a guy to come and detail the car, but he never showed. Lee had the day off, but he was off doing stuff. Then we went out to dinner at Azteca and then I went out to see a movie with my good friend Trudy. She was dying to see Sex and the City 2-so we did and she was greatly disappointed. Oh, Well.
Part of the day was "just another day" which was fine. Oh, the sun came out-so that was a nice suprise.
I still have all my teeth, my hair, no broken bones, and I somehow don't feel much older. I survived.

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